The Chapa 5k

What a busy weekend! I’m just now getting a chance to write about the 5k I ran on Saturday! *whew!*

Let me start from the beginning. I think I mentioned in one of my first running posts that this semester I am teaching a “running” class. (I put “running” in quotes because most of my class, over the course of the semester, has learned to like running less. They now opt to walk every week instead of run, save for 2 guys. Not what I’d hoped for.) Specifically, it’s a C25k class. We have been slowly building our running skills weekly (well, those that run have been), with the goal of running two 5ks during the course of the semester. Saturday was the first of two. It was a good trial run (no pun intended).

Besides the fact that most of them knew they weren’t going to run, everyone was excited on Saturday morning. I was a little leery, since I hadn’t been on a “real” run in about a week and a half. Could I do it without walking? Time would tell.

A coworker of mine, Jennifer, had volunteered to help me (not a huge runner, but she wanted the overtime pay. And I wanted the company). On the way, she mentioned to me that she could run about 1.5-2 miles, and then she’d walk. I told her if she was capable of running that much, that she could do 3.1, and then I shared my story of how Jessica pushed me a while back (remember that?) and got me to run 3 when I’d only been doing 1.5. She was skeptical (maybe a little annoyed?) but said she’d run as long as she could. (Spoiler alert: she ended up finishing before me.)

Well, the race began and right off the bat, the two guys in my class that actually run took off at full speed. One, I knew, could keep that speed the entire time (he’s an amazing runner), and one, I was positive, would run out of steam in about 2 miles. I was right on both accounts.

Long story short, I finished without walking (hooray!), but I was 6 minutes later than my goal time (boo). Jennifer also ran the whole time and was really proud of herself. She thanked me for pushing her (I’m paying it forward, Jessica). I may have created a monster. The girl who hated running was headed to the gym today after work for a run. Just FYI.

So are you wondering how the guy did that kept up his fast pace the whole time? He finished in 25 minutes. That’s 11 minutes faster than me, just so y’all know. He got a trophy for fastest time in his age group and was really proud of himself! I wish I could take credit for his awesome run but he came into the class as a great runner. *sigh*

Our next 5k is May 5. Everyone’s really excited already. Myself included. I’m meeting my goal next time. Watch.

Jennifer and me, post run

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