On the Road Again


I’ve been pretty lazy lately, I’ll admit it. I’m not proud of it. I think everyone goes through that at some points though. You are fired up about training for a race (or whatever), and you run run run and you’re doing really well and then- boom. Life happens and for whatever reason, you go on hiatus. In my case, it was cupcakes. Yeah, shocker. Well, it was more than cupcakes, actually. I had a million excuses, which I have talked about in previous posts and have been recycling a lot lately. Truth be told, I just simply didn’t feel like it. There. I said it. (Sorry, Jess.)

But, I went last night with Jessica and her friend Rachel. They kind of kicked my butt. I was in “last place” for most of the run. It didn’t bother me, though. I was running, and that was more than I had done since the Chapa 5k a couple of weeks ago. Due to my lack of motivation, I asked Jessica if we could only do 3, and she agreed but said we would be working on increasing my pace. Fine with me. I’m running a 5k next weekend and want to finish it in 30 minutes. I’m full of goals.

We started at 8:11 and I was bent on running it in 30 minutes. When we rounded the corner of mile 2, we had about 8 minutes (or something) left and I remember thinking, Well, there goes my goal of 30 minutes. (I said I was full of goals. I never said I was an optimist.) The last leg is kind of a big hill, and I always struggle with it at the end, so I wasn’t feeling particularly “glass-half-full.” However, when we reached the top and we only had a couple of blocks left, I looked at my clock and saw that it was only 8:39. I could make my goal! I practically sprinted (well, with whatever I had left in me) back to the “finish line” (Jessica’s house). When I looked at my clock as I stopped, it had just turned 8:41. I did it!

I couldn’t breathe or walk or see straight.

But I reached my goal!

I have the same goal of 30 minutes for the Chuy’s 5k next weekend. I’m determined. If I can do it, that means that I will have improved my time by 15 minutes in less than a year! But if I don’t, I won’t be too disappointed. I am still running, after all. And I haven’t given up (and I won’t). I just keep reminding myself of this:


…and this:

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One Response to On the Road Again

  1. Bob says:

    Oh how I know how easy it is to get out of the habit. For me, the habit isn’t running, it’s going to the gym, but same principle.

    I mentioned your blog to a couple of friends at the conference today, and they asked what half-marathon you’re training for. I didn’t know. So to save me the trouble of looking it up in the first blog post you made (where I’m sure I’d find it), what race is it?

    Oh, let me take this opportunity to tell you Happy Birthday again, in a different public forum. So Happy Birthday. Someone should have made you cupcakes.

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