Training Tuesday

Tonight, I wanted my training to include my son. Halfway because I didn’t have anyone to watch him while I ran,and halfway because I just love him and wanted to hang out with him. (“Awww!”, right?)

I remembered my “trainer” Jessica telling me that biking was good for runners on off days because it requires you to use different muscles than running does. That way, when your “running muscles” are tired during a race, your “biking muscles” can take over. She’s in nursing school so I believe her.

So the boy and I went for a bike ride. I only did 2 miles because A) it’s hot, and B) riding with an extra 35 pounds is hard. I figured it was about the equivalent of 3 miles, maybe even 3½ Yeah. Let’s go with that. 3½.

I realize that training one day a week is doing nothing to get me ready for the half. However, I have until January, so I figured I can take it a little easy now and step it up when it’s not 1,000 degrees outside.

So that’s the plan. Just so you know.

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